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Art & Kinship: Garrard Conley’s All the World Beside

My latest newsletter is on Boy Erased author Garrard Conley’s first novel, All the World Beside, a singular and magnificent work of art: tender, hopeful, shot through with dour fundamentalist judgment and a painful sense of separation, but also numinous and earthly connection. Also considered: the sins of the fathers, Puritan ancestors, epigenetics, queer kinship, and the musicality of his prose.

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Family stories we “can’t tell”

I’m teaching a creative writing workshop—Family Stories We (Tell Ourselves We) Can’t Tell—for the Miami Book Fair, as part of the festivities around the 2024 Miami Big Read featuring Madeline Miller’s Circe. We’ll gather in person at the Miami-Dade Wolfson campus. The workshop is priced for accessibility and size-limited for intimacy. For more details, or to register, go to the Miami Book Fair site.

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