A Conversation with Sunny A. Smith at Fort Mason

Bay Area friends—I’m delighted to be in conversation with Sunny A. Smith at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco this Saturday for the celebration of their The Compass Rose catalog, which memorializes their striking show about ancestors and objects and legacies passed down. We spoke together for the catalog itself, and I’m eager to continue the conversation in person. Join us if you’d like. 🍂✨

Image above from the @fortmasoncenter Instagram feed, where this invitation appeared:

YOU’RE INVITED – This Saturday, December 2nd, please join #fortmasoncenter for a catalog launch and conversation tracing the histories and ideas animating artist Sunny A. Smith’s exhibition, The Compass Rose.

On view in #gallery308 earlier this year, The Compass Rose invited viewers to contemplate what our ancestors pass on to us when they leave behind possessions, and how those objects serve as a means of communication, reckoning, or generational healing.

Smith is joined in conversation by Maud Newton, catalog contributor and author of the acclaimed book, Ancestor Trouble. This event also features an artist-led invocation, riffing on specific works of Smith’s, that highlight the complex relationships between ourselves and our lineages, featuring collaborating artist Lucien Dante Lazar.

The Compass Rose Catalog Launch & Talk
Saturday, December 2, 2023,
Gallery 308, Landmark Building A

This event is free and open to the public. (Please reserve a space, and/or pre-purchase a catalog at the 🔗 in our bio)

A book signing and refreshments follow the conversation.

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