Love Letters from a 1943 Affair

My maternal grandparents, around 1939.

Some letters we found in my granny’s papers after she died record the fallout from my grandfather Robert’s affair. Ultimately, Robert was said to have married thirteen times. Granny’s marriage to him, his fourth of those I’ve found, lasted about four and a half years. Knowing her later intolerance for foolishness, I’m surprised she put up with him for that long. But I’m sure she wasn’t eager, in the midst of World War II, to raise a child on her own.

Part of my grandfather’s letter to Granny after she discovered his affair

No matter how many times I read these letters, something new surprises me. If you’re curious:

After my grandparents’ divorce, Christine and Robert were married, off and on, for a number of years. His next wife shot him.


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