Happy weekend from the “I’ll always love you” dept.

Robert & Christine at Sivil's Drive-In
Last week I posted the letter my grandfather sent to my grandmother, Martha, after she found out he was cheating and left him. This week’s installment is a letter from Christine, the other woman, pictured next to my grandfather second from left above, who also had a kid and a spouse.¬†According to my mom, Robert married her two or three times.

“Darling,” Christine writes, “I want you to believe that if we were married I would rather die than trifle on you. All those little incidents that you were referring to, well they just didn’t register, you are the only one that means anything to me.”

“If [Martha] really is going to get a divorce, there will probably be some gossip & it might be better for all concerned for me not to be here. That is if she knows about me & I think she does.”



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