Quick notes on the week, hopes for next

I’m sorry it’s been so quiet here. Between allergy season and deadlines, I haven’t done much of anything this week but work and sleep. Even my Twitter feed lies fallow. Fingers crossed, things will have calmed down by Monday.

I did take a couple hours out last night for the Granta party at Idlewild, which was off the hook — insofar as a crowd of people milling around in a bookstore, drinking and talking about books, ever can be.

(If you click through to the photos, you’ll see evidence of exactly how short I am, as Saïd Sayrafiezadeh — whose work I’ve always loved, and who has just published a new book, When Skateboards Will Be Free, on growing up in the Socialist Workers Party — has to bend practically in half to commiserate with me over our fathers.)

The new Lost & Found issue of the magazine includes, among other things, fiction from A.L. Kennedy and Janet Frame.

More next week; meanwhile, happy weekend!


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