Enter The Daily Beast

Former New Yorker editor Tina Brown’s The Daily Beast — which takes its name from Evelyn Waugh’s Scoop — has launched.

As a longtime admirer of Brown (in a city where contempt for powerful women who are actually smart sometimes seems de rigueur), I was excited when my friend Bryan Keefer invited me to be part of the site’s Buzz Board. Today’s recommendations include Bill Clinton on “three bailout-related books: Michael Heller’s Gridlock Economy (about hoarding resources), David M. Smick’s The World Is Curved (why things could get much worse), and Larry M. Bartel’s Unequal Democracy (on how partisanship has hurt the poor).”

Also on the board: Christiane Amanpour, Qubad Talabani, and many others, including, from the looks of it (top right), Rachel Maddow(!).

Rather than starting a new post, while we’re on the subject of the bailout, I’ll just tack this here: Be sure to read about the 2004 SEC meeting in which investment bank leaders — including Paulson — convinced the agency to “unshackle billions of dollars held in reserve as a cushion against losses on their investments.”

The fox, Max observes (in email), is guarding the henhouse. Yep, says GMB, and “he’s hungry for his chicken dinner.”


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