No trick! God’s treat is Jesus*

Just in time for Halloween, the Baltimore-Philly Poe war goes national.

True story: while the reporter was taping Helen McKenna-Uff and me at the Poe House last week we walked out the back door of the house and a black cat came slinking through Poe’s yard. Had an axe-wielding maniac followed on its heels, we would not have been surprised (hey, it is Philly).

This story is creepier if you’ve seen the false chimney (scroll down) in the cellar of that house.

Other seasonal links:

  • Stephany Aulenback, who’s been gearing up for Halloween at Crooked House, sent me the old “Telltale Heart” illlustration (above) and some other great Poe art that she found among the Dover Books Samplers.
  • Marla Carew writes: “Theresa Duncan, the Michigan born artist/blogger who committed suicide earlier in the year apparently set an automatic blog post to appear today (the Basil Rathbone dog story).”

* Finally, it wouldn’t be All Hallow’s Eve at if I didn’t post links to some Hallelujah Party snaps. (If you’re unfamiliar with this particular fundie Christian substitute for actual fun, go to the article that provided the title of this post.)


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