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You Can Have Your Blue Check Back

TL;DR: What the hell is this timeline we’re living in? Far more asinine than I ever imagined. I’m still deciding what to do with my Twitter account, which I started fourteen years ago and where most people who follow my work follow me. Meanwhile here are some thoughts. Also, please vote.

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A Place to Take Refuge

As a child, I wasn’t allowed to watch much television. Books were my main source of entertainment—and a relief and distraction from the conflict around me. I was embarrassed that I didn’t understand my friends’ conversations about the shows they watched, though I tried to pretend I did and I caught glimpses at their houses whenever I could. I often . . .

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A Hope for Tenderness

I don’t keep a journal, but I occasionally write down my dreams and some quick reflections. Looking back through them this week, I was sad–-if not surprised—to notice how often I wrote about my desire to spend less time on social media and my frustration with myself for not having better self-control. I know the sites and apps are made . . .

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