WaPo Guesses Obama’s Summer 2023 Book Picks

Image reads We predicted the books on Obama’s 2023 summer reading listThe former president has varied tastes — but they’re not wholly unpredictablePerspective by Sophia NguyenReporter, BooksThe history you’ll give your uncle next Christmas: ‘Ancestor Trouble,’ by Maud NewtonAssuming that Obama immediately ordered and devoured David Grann’s shipwreck epic, “The Wager,” he might turn this summer to something that recently piqued his interest but that he never got around to. Newton’s book blends memoir and family history while questioning the attractions of genealogical investigation in the first place, pulling in themes that have compelled Obama in the past: the gap between fact and fiction, and the desire to belong.Washington Post

I love to guess which books will end up on Obama’s reading list, and to find new favorites from it, and I did not expect Ancestor Trouble ever to be mentioned in connection with it, even speculatively. Thanks to Sophia Nguyen and the Washington Post!


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