Publishers Weekly Ancestor Trouble Feature

Image of a headline: Maud Newton Confronts Her Past, and beneath that a photo of the author in front of trees and the cover of her first book, Ancestor Trouble.

What a wonderful weekend surprise to wake up to an Open Book feature from Louisa Ermelino in Publishers Weekly, with cameos and insight from my amazing agent, Julie Barer, and my brilliant editor, Andrea Walker. “A marvel: absorbing, addictive, informative,” Ermelino says of the book. I am barely resisting the impulse to put a full line of exclamation points after that sentence.

Some of the family history here got a little garbled in the translation — undoubtedly my fault, talking loosely about so many lines & generations in the interview — but this captures the gist. Both sides of my family turned out to be implicated in slavery and colonization, is one thing I explore in Ancestor Trouble.


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