Travel and other journals and happenings

I leave for Berlin and Amsterdam a week from today and meanwhile am slammed at work-work and with other work, so I keep not being able to post any of the things I intend to write here.

But for the first time since my college days, I’ve been keeping a journal. Actually, I’ve been keeping journals, as in many, on my iPad, using the Paper app, which I wrote about last month at The Chimerist and have been turning to more and more often since then. I still scrawl longhand drafts and quick notes in my hardbound composition notebook, and my penmanship on the iPad screen leaves something to be desired (see below), but I like the way Paper allows me to categorize my thoughts and musings, and to delete them when they’re no longer useful by pressing a button.

In mid-June I go back into hibernation on my novel, which I haven’t focused on in months. Here are some events I’m involved in before then. On May 30, at the invitation of the ever-inspiring Austin Kleon, I’ll be speaking with two of my Internet crushes, Maris Kreizman and Maria Popova, about creativity in the digital age, at McNally Jackson.

On June 9-10 I’ll be participating with a lot of great writers in Urban Librarian Unite’s 24-Hour Read-In to protest proposed NYC library budget cuts. And on June 12 I’ll be talking with the amazing Kate Christensen about her latest novel, The Astral, which you know I love. Details for all of these events are here.


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