Postcard and wishes from an erratic December

Astronomy window at Bergdorf Goodman

I got back from New Orleans just in time for Christmas — and for the blizzard, which has been really exciting, I say from my perch on the sixth floor. On Wednesday I’m off again, to South Florida, where Max and I will be staying at the Biltmore Hotel. Writing and our Downton Abbey binge will keep me occupied till then.

I know I’ve made myself scarce here this year, and I can’t promise I’ll return in full force early next, but I’m grateful to you for reading, and I wish you all good things in 2011.

Photos (mostly Max’s) from top to bottom: Bergdorf Goodman window; random French Quarter courtyard; New Orleans oysters; streetcar sign from Max’s old neighborhood; Fats Domino’s abandoned house and recording studio (thanks to Pia and Malcolm for the tour of the Lower Ninth Ward); tree in the Four Seasons lobby; last night’s blizzard; and the same terrace this morning.


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