Breaking news: The secret history of Cracker Barrel

Last year I wrote a story about the secret history of Cracker Barrel, Sodom and Gomorrah, and, possibly, the Illuminati. I did this for the Significant Objects project, which invites writers to infuse an otherwise worthless object with value through fiction. In so doing, I raised a little (very little) bit of money for Girls Write Now.

Obviously any artificially valuable item needs advertising. Our entire economy rests on that principle, right? So, many thanks to Kathryn Clendinin, a student at Savannah College of Art & Design, who, for a class assignment, created a news ticker campaign for my Cracker Barrel ornament. Click over to see the whole thing. It’s perfect, don’t you think?

Ms. Clendinin, next time you’re in New York, I’d like to buy you a drink and introduce you to my favorite SCAD alum.


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