Now I know how the Archangel Michael felt

In case you missed the excitement: was compromised again. Although the attack was less dramatic than the Russian pharmaceutical hacking of 2008, it took more time than expected for us to get everything back up and running. Some of the posts still look a little buggy — garbage where quotation marks and emdashes should be, images aligned strangely, etc. — but I’ll do my best to fix them in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, if you maintain a website and are running an old version of WordPress, update now, even if the switchover borks your stylesheet. Trust me on this. Also, if you’re relying on Dreamhost for hosting, get the hell out while you can. I should have gone to Media Temple years ago.

Many, many thanks to Lowell Allen for painstakingly extracting and cleaning my files, and to Max for quickly adapting this new format to my purposes. Still contemplating a full redesign, but I think I’ll sit with what you see here for a while.

After more than a week of panicking like the unicorn in the hunt, I’m feeling kind of like Michael vanquishing the Antichrist. (Our holiday festivities included a trip to The Cloisters.)


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