Vocabulary lessons and the neighborhood flyer

Speaking of potential libel, I happened upon this clump of flyers in the gutter over the weekend. Instantly I felt sorry for Yisroel [Redacted], alleged “‘noted’ moser!!!” of my neighborhood’s Orthodox community, whose name has now literally been dragged through the mud.

Back at home, I discovered that a moser is “a Jew who intends to turn another Jew in to non-Jewish authorities.” (The plural is mosrim.)

According to the authors of Murder in the Name of God: The Plot to Kill Yitzhak Rabin, din moser is “the duty to eliminate” such a person. I guess Yisroel got off easy.

Since I grew up in Miami, initially I was kind of surprised I’d never heard the term. But, on reflection, my friends were Reform or non-observant. One made me a BLT on Yom Kippur to cure a hangover. (“This is how I atone for last night’s party,” he said.) Another supplied the drama crowd with weed from her parents’ stash. The Hasidim were insulated from our debauchery. I think they lived way out by the beach.

Anyway, here’s a question: From the radical Orthodox perspective, do you violate Talmudic moser rules if you explain to a gentile what a moser is?


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