Mouth guards over Manhattan, or a bruxist’s special day

On the anniversary of my entry into the world, someone has given me the opportunity to engage in one of my favorite pastimes: Bitching about my teeth.

“[A]t least a quarter of my friends in New York grind their teeth,” said the book blogger Maud Newton, who has blogged about her nightguard (as has Today Show host Meredith Vieira). “I tend to gravitate towards people who are also neurotic and high-strung and I’m really kind of intolerant of noise and stimuli, and I think most of the teeth grinders I know are the same. I theorize Edgar Allan Poe was a teeth grinder and it makes me feel better.”

The Observer‘s Meredith Bryan also talks with my pal Dana, who’s been visited by the Night Guard Fairy many a drunken night, Peter Terzian, and writer Ed Park. (Park’s new novel, Personal Days, includes a teeth-grinder.) Given the way neurotics congregate here, I’m not terribly surprised that Mouth Guards Over Manhattan portrays a city overrun with bruxists.

Today’s gorgeous, though. I’m gonna spend it goofing off on my balcony, watching the old guys down on Ocean Parkway play chess and dominos. Hope you get some time outdoors, too.


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