Illicit pharmaceuticals fell

Well, that sucked, but for the moment we’re up and running.

If you’re just tuning in, the site’s been down all weekend, and I was afraid I wouldn’t get the archives back. Evidently, over the last four months or so, some Russian hackers created an extensive drug sales network at (They were probably responsible for all the agita I experienced in December.) Guess I should pay more attention to my stats.

Friday they resurfaced and started redirecting my links to ads for Tramadol — conveniently posted at (Fitting, no?) When I changed things back, they began deleting posts. Then, after Mr. Maud took down my other, long-dormant, extensively-infected site,, they posted this lovely note: “Yes, I’m bitch. Fuck me with big penis!. You must give us site else we are delete your blog.”

And finally they deleted my blog. Every last post. Fortunately my otherwise useless hosting service had back-ups.

Fingers crossed — thanks to a friend who prefers not to be identified lest the Russian drug mafia target him, too — all the holes are plugged now. But the hackers could still have their hooks in, so if there’s more drama or downtime, you’ll know why.


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