Happy weekend from the Kinchen family portrait

You know why this old photo of the Kinchens looks even more like a portrait to accompany a Poe story than previous installments? Because my mother was sent, and forwarded to me, a photocopy of the original photo.

Never mind print shops, don’t bother with scanners. No, in my family, we’ll just slap that baby down on the Xerox machine.

One of my maternal great-great grandmothers, Martha Caroline Kinchen, sits in the center of this photo, holding one of her grandbabies, Alma Honor Harris. Martha Caroline’s children stand around them. My great-grandmother, Alma Kinchen Johnston, is to her left. According to my mom’s notes, this photo dates to 1901 or ’02.

Prior Kinchen photos (not from photocopies) are here, here, and here.


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