The new radical: Wburg drains another word of meaning

Choosing just one winner for the Greatest McCarren Park Eyesore Award is near-impossible, but 20 Bayard (right) is a strong contender.

Construction there has proceeded through a partial stop-work order, and now the subway ad campaign has begun. Dana reports (in email):

Today on the 7 train (man, I wish I’d taken a photo) I saw a poster for a new Wbgh development called 20 Bayard. Ever seen it? It has four portraits, vaguely Warholesque, of a Hasid, a hipster, a white couple… I can’t remember it exactly. But the tagline! The tagline was:

Williamsburg: Radically Chic, Chicly Radical.


Nearby scenic attractions include the Roebling Oil Field — at Roebling and N. 11th — where another gusher sprang up recently. The massive Greenpoint oil spill is also within walking distance.


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