PEN World Voices (excuses) 2007

The PEN World Voices festival happens in New York this week. My itinerary would look more like The Elegant Variation’s if I didn’t have to work.

(Each year the passage of New York budget legislation ushers in six weeks of day-job torment that make the Seventh Circle of Hell seem like an appealing place to vacation. At least this time around there are some things to applaud. For instance, Spitzer pushed through a law that requires combined reporting in trademark protection subsidiary scenarios. Meaning that corporations can’t shove half their worth into out-of-state holding companies and then take a deduction for royalty payments.)

I’ll get out to a few events, but can’t promise any reports as extensive as last year’s on Faith & Reason. And given that I’m already more than a week behind on the promised Bolaño tribute highlights, you’ll probably want to check elsewhere before wandering the halls here.


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