Thankful that I didn’t open another bottle of “inspiration”

Sorry about yesterday’s long-winded and extravagantly maudlin grandmother post.

It was, as you must’ve suspected, the blog equivalent of drinking & dialing. When I get like that, you should respond exactly as you do when your college roommate calls yet again at 2 a.m. to complain about her psychopathic boyfriend: stick your fingers in your ears and hum until it stops.

I’d delete the post, but that seems even more disrespectful than writing it in the first place.

Before leaving town, I wanted to put in a plug for a reading coming up this Sunday night at 7:30 p.m. at Magnetic Field. Dennis DiClaudio (playwright, comedian and former guest blogger), Lacy Shutz and Jonathan Dixon will read stories “about religious experiences, or experiences growing up with religion.”

I was scheduled to read, too, but won’t be back from Nashville in time. Please go in my place and then write and tell me all about it.


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