Remains of the day

This post was written by Friday blogger Annie Reid.

The pop culture/lit smackdown edition:

  • Johnathan Lethem is in for some admiration and some scolding by John Leonard in the next New York Review of Books. In a column reveling in pop culture, Leonard crankily laments the influence of pop culture in Lethem’s work and suggests its time for Lethem to “close the comic books for good”. I figure that maybe after that tenth book, he’s earned the flashlight under the covers. Look for some reactions in the blogosphere to this one.
  • A musical based on Oscar Hijuelos’ The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love, the Pulitzer-Prize winner from 1990, will open on Broadway in August of this year.
  • Steven Soderbergh has begun work on a documentary about the late writer and monologist Spalding Gray.

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