Remainders: a prize, and questions

  • This year’s shortlist for the 100,000 euro (£69,000) Impac prize includes works from Jonathan Lethem, Shirley Hazzard and Damon Galgut.
  • “Would Dostoevsky have got additional material for The Idiot if he’d had to spend a week mixing with sycophants at the St Petersburg Festival of the Writer?”
  • As Edinburgh celebrates its World City of Literature status, The Scotsman asks why Dame Muriel Spark shouldn’t have a statue in her honor. (Okay, J.K. Rowling’s name surfaces, too, but it’s patently ridiculous to call the Harry Potter books literature.)
  • No doubt you’ve seen this article mentioned elsewhere, but: does the Orange Prize, awarded to women’s books, aid or belittle women’s fiction? (This reminds me: sometime I need to go back and read all of the dismissive things Charlotte Bronte said about Jane Austen’s writing.)
  • How can I call myself a Graham Greene fan when I’ve never read his short stories?


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