Charles Dickens and the Doctor (just in time)

TardisThis weekend Mr. Maud* and I watched the inaugural episode (leaked by the BBC?) of the new Doctor Who series.

It was pretty damned good (although I had some concerns about the one-dimensionality of the boyfriend character).

After we watched it, I thought: well, that’s the only contact with culture (in the loosest sense) I’ve had all week, and I’ll never be able to tie it to books. So I can’t talk about it on the site.

But what do you know? Along comes this cool Telegraph interview with Marc Gatiss, the screenwriter who’s “made a career out of blending the grotesque with the surreally comic” and whose contribution to the new Doctor Who is a “Victorian gothic horror [story] set
in an undertakers, featuring Simon Callow as Charles Dickens.”

Yes, I am a terrible geek. But then you knew that.

* His name, by the way, is Max (or Maxx, if you prefer) and I may have been shamed into using it from now on.


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