Private: Day job

Surprise! I disagreed with almost every aspect of Bush’s State of the Union address last night (except the added support for AIDS treatment in Africa, which I saw as a political ploy, but then I am biased). There are detailed analyses online. You can find them.

In other news, for my day job, I’ve been putting together an article on the Bloomberg and Pataki budget plans. In case you haven’t heard, Bloomberg continues to hang his budget-balancing hat on a restoration (and expansion) of the city commuter tax.

Pataki, however, says that “job-killing taxes” are out of the question and intends to cut aid to state school districts by $1.2 billion.

My prediction (which, with $1.50, will get you a café con leche at Super Ray Deli): look for a 1970’s-style NYC recession.

Totally unrelated: who, exactly, will be protecting our borders if the president insists on solo* military action in Iraq? At least Edwards is thinking and speaking out on this issue.

* Oh, right, if Blair had his way, Britain would be going along with it.

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