You can’t go wrong with pop-up books

John McNally believes people have been far too short-sighted in rushing to denounce O.J. Simpson and his publisher for the forthcoming If I Did It, in which The Juice explains how he would have committed the killings of his ex-wife and her friend, had he actually committed said killings.

Frankly, I think maybe Ms. Regan is onto something here. This should be Book Frickin’ One in a series. Book Two could be Saddam Hussein speculating on how he would have (might have?) killed thousands of Kurds, which, of course, he claims he didn’t do. For the Hussein one, you could do one of those flip-book thingies — you know: the kind of book you turn over and upside-down, and, Ta-Da!, it’s another stinkin’ book you can read! And that one can be (and here I’m just spitballing) George W. Bush speculating on how he would have (might have?) killed thousands of innocent Iraqis, which, well, is a little different, I suppose, than the O.J. deal because Bush admits that thousands of Iraqies have been killed (hell, it’s war, after all), but he won’t admit that as many have been killed as have actually been killed, so maybe he could limit his book to the ones he won’t admit to, and then speculate on how he would have killed them, if he so chose. I’m just throwing these ideas out there (free of charge) for Ms. Regan and Fox TV to chew on. Hey now. . . what about a pop-up book of Nicole’s condo on Bundy, and then (turn the page) and WHAM: a knife pokes out of one of the bushes out front. You can’t go wrong with pop-up books.

Image taken from this site.

Later: The proprietor of Carrots & Candy writes, “You can’t go wrong with pop-up books, part deux? Hulk want smash.”


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