Running guided tours through your work

I read most of the interviews in The Paris Review Interviews, I while they were still online, and have pored over the collection since I first got my hands on it, and I still can’t get enough of this reissued first volume. Maybe it’s just that my writing moods are mercurial as every other aspect of my personality, but I find a new, more perfect quote every time I flick through the book.

Here’s Hemingway dodging questions from George Plimpton:

It is very bad for a writer to talk about how he writes. He writes to be read by the eye and no explanations or dissertations should be necessary. You can be sure that there is much more there than will be read at any first reading and having made this it is not the writer’s province to explain it or to run guided tours through the more difficult country of his work.

See also, from the same collection: Borges on Twain. (Mark Sarvas (see sidebar) and the San Francisco Chronicle are also excited about the book.)


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