Fair & Balanced team loses smirk for a night

I’m still focused on election results here, but took a break to read Rebecca Dana’s report on the Fox team’s gloomy evening.

It’s a schadenfreudeful delight.

During the break, Messrs. Hume and Kristol — plus three other Fox All-Stars — bantered about the flimsiness of exit-poll data, which they all agreed is heavily biased toward Democrats.

“It’s a bunch of 24-year-old graduate students and retirees,” said Mr. Kristol, off-camera. “Who else has time to stand outside a polling place all day long?”

“Wearing peace buttons,” added The Weekly Standard’s Fred Barnes.

“They’re taking actual data that may be inaccurate and then they’re guessing at it,” said Mr. Hume.

“One thing is for sure,” said Mr. Kristol. “It’s not middle-class women out there.”

Rupert Murdoch, vile chairman of News Corp, which owns Fox News, on Monday announced his about-face on global warming — as it happens, believe it or not, the ice caps really are melting — but calls the death toll in Iraq “minute.” (He’s talking about American casualties, of course. The hundreds of thousands of dead and displaced people who actually live there don’t appear to factor in.) Elsewhere, see: FCC’s News Corp. waiver challenged


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