Promotions create new excuses for today’s bookshop workers

Kay Richardson spends his nights roving from pub to pub, stopping to pee in people’s rose gardens, and trying not to get thrown out of youth hostels.

Now, to his surprise, he’s landed a job at a central London bookstore. He declines to identify it by name but has (helpfully? misleadingly?) posted the photograph at right. Here’s his description of the “piss-easy” interview:

I was sat on a comfy bench in the travel section and asked a number of questions. The man asked if I had any retail experience and I lied. I told the man (it was a bald bloke with a red tie) that I’d managed a small bookshop in Blackheath, but had to close it down as it had become far too successful. He asked me of my favourite books. I spread the usual BS (people seem to often ask this) — Of Mice and Men, White Teeth, Pride and Prejudice, Hamlet – but embellished this literary knowledge with the titles of the books that perched in the bookshelf above the interviewer’s head. This was a sly move. He seemed impressed that I’d read so many travel guides to China. I told him that I dig Chinese chicks. He agreed that they had ‘a certain allure’.

Today he showed up at work dressed as a witch after an all-night Wicked afterparty. “I expected Bob, the bookshop manger, to turn me away upon my arrival at work,” he says. “No. He thought my broomstick and hat were some Harry Potter tie-in.”


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