Wednesday night fragments

  • Hillel Italie reports that Fran Lebowitz has agreed to host this year’s National Book Awards.
  • James Hynes argues that the new season of The Wire delivers “a passionate and remarkably detailed and incisive critique of public education in the era of No Child Left Behind.”
  • Amazon will allow authors to comment on reviews. Maybe Anne Rice brought lots of traffic? (“[Y]ou are interrogating this text from the wrong perspective,” she told her negative reviewers. “Indeed, you aren’t even reading it. You are projecting your own limitations on it.”)
  • “Behold,” says an anonymous correspondent, “the novel as Soduko! Actually, someone’s probably already thought of this. And I bet you anything they work at Regan.”
  • The X-rated typeface on a spelling handbook caused a ruckus at an elementary school open house. (Via.)
  • A reader named Stephan, inspired by the Beha article I mentioned yesterday, reports that Drunken Boat just released an Oulipo issue. “I haven’t quite figured it all out yet,” he says. (Me neither, man. I don’t think there’s that much weed in the world.)


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