The Smart Set: Lauren Cerand’s weekly events

The Smart Set is a weekly feature, compiled by Lauren Cerand, that appears Mondays at 12:30pm and highlights the best of the week to come. Special favor is given to New York’s independent booksellers and venues, and low-cost and free events. Please send details to by the Thursday prior to publication, with the event’s date in the subject line.

The “Back From Vacationland — Tanned, Toasted and Ready to Frug” Edition

TUESDAY, 9.12: As Ali G once sagely observed, “Technology — what is it? And what is it good for?” Find out this evening when renowned futurist James Martin, author of The Meaning of the 21st Century: A Vital Blueprint for Ensuring Our Future fetes the publication of his forward-thinking opus with a soiree at The Harvard Club this evening, and you’re on the list. Sadly not on the list: “Blue jeans, denim clothing, athletic shoes, halter dresses, sweatshirts, sweatpants, leggings, t-shirts and shorts.” And poor Paris, of course, who is probably wearing all of those things. 6 – 8:30pm, FREE. Later on, Bris Vegas indie charmers The Grates play Bowery Ballroom with The Dears. 8:00pm, $17.

WEDNESDAY, 9.13: Amanda Stern, queen of the “New Bohemians,” returns with the first fall installment of her Happy Ending Reading Series, featuring Scott Snyder, Deb Olin Unferth, and Adam Haslett with music from Katell Keineg. 8:00pm, FREE. And, at jen bekman, there’s an opening for “Solid Ground,” a show of work by Holly Lynton that is comprised of “fifteen c-print photographs. Titles such as ‘Emberizidae,’ ‘Supernal,’ and ‘I Love Monday’ span the celestial to the mundane, much like the photos themselves, where commonplace elements are transformed into chimerical tableaus.” [full disclosure, as always: I am the gallery’s PR director]. 6 – 8pm, FREE.

THURSDAY, 9.14: Calvin Baker reads from his new novel, Dominion, along with Emily Barton and Alix Ohlin as part of a a stellar line-up at KGB. 7:00pm, FREE. And, filling your apartment with soup cans and hosting an orgy for some not-quite-right teenage runaways (but rich ones, of course) while you smile bemusedly and flip through an issue of New Beauty seems like a better homage to Warhol’s particular brand of genius than sitting through Ric Burns’ Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film at Film Forum, but then again, I like postmodernism, too. 7:00pm; FREE, but tickets required.

FRIDAY, 9.15: “Borrow” a blazer, fill your flask, and drag a comb through that hippie hair, because you’re all invited — just this once, of course — to the National Arts Club for the season opener of the PAGE reading series, featuring Katharine Weber (whose latest novel, Triangle, I’ve had the pleasure of publicizing), Ken Foster (The Dogs Who Found Me) and Kym Ragusa (The Skin Between Us), which promises to be a perfectly sparkling, New York evening. 7:00pm, FREE.

SATURDAY, 9.16: At jen bekman, join style and fashion bloggers and friends for “Fall Into Fashion,” an afternoon of gossip, art, notebooks, booze, experimental literature, sexy indie rockers and more. 4 – 6pm, FREE.

SUNDAY, 9.17: On Sunday, presents The Exquisite Party, celebrating Laird Hunt’s The Exquisite (Coffee House Press), which Rain Taxi describes as “both a response to 9/11 and a paean to Manhattan —especially to its seedy, shadowy, cramped, and unhinged Lower East Side, where anything can and does happen. . . . Here is an extraordinarily intelligent, goofy, pained, energetic, gorgeously written work that insists on letting the existential unsteadiness that defines our era shape its very rhythms, warps, textual flexures.” And it’s Sunday so happy hour at Lolita lasts all-l-l-l night (Full disclosure, as always: Laird is one of my PR clients, and I’ve put together this event). 6 – 8pm, FREE.

ELSEWHERE this weekend, as in, if you’re within driving distance, what are you waiting for? The Omaha Lit Fest.


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