NYC kids’ words

My friend Katherine Lanpher, former cohost of Air America’s Al Franken Show, is filling in for Leonard Lopate at WNYC today from noon to 2 p.m. She’ll talk with word expert Patricia T. O’Conner about “words that have been created by New York’s children.”

I dunno about the newly-minted words, but my friends’ kids are always expanding my vocabulary.

Earlier this year a guy I know picked his four-year-old up from school. The boy pointed at something or someone — can’t remember the details — batted his criminally abundant eyelashes, and said, his voice wavery with contempt, “That’s poocha, isn’t it Daddy?”

Who knew there was a term for “when you are showering and someone comes in the bathroom and takes a shit”? (Proper usage, according to the Urban Dictionary: Tim laid down a hardcore poocha when I was bathing. or Man, that was some poocha.)


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