In and out

View from the cafeI’ll be around this week, but irregularly. Right now I’m up at my sister’s place, after a correspondent got me hankering for some wildflowers.

On Saturday, Sister and her partner drove me out to the Montague Bookmill, a used bookstore set in a gorgeous 19th Century gristmill perched over the Sawmill River. (A few more photos are here. )

Despite the comfortable reading nooks, we didn’t spend as much time on the books as you’d think. The offerings are largely academic, the paperback prices are kinda steep, and my wallet tells me I’m on a book-buying hiatus. Instead we lingered over coffee and eavesdropped on the guys working in the cafe. They were debating whether “you guys” is a gender-neutral term. (I think yes; my father, and his belt, would insist otherwise.)


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