A.L. Kennedy meets Dr. Who — maybe — and my nerd flag unfurls

This weekend A.L. Kennedy explained her move into stand-up comedy.

A reader passed along the article — and a tantalizing rumor that Kennedy will write an episode for the new Dr. Who.

Google neither confirms nor denies, but does reveal that Kennedy’s a Tom Baker girl. Just like Ursula LeGuin. And any other discriminating human female.

The current series is much beloved by SF experts. See, for instance, Neil Gaiman, who’s been watching with his daughter, Maddy. And, sure, it held my interest while Christopher Eccleston was on board. But season 2 is a real disappointment.

(Okay, Girl in the Fireplace was a tidy and reasonably compelling bit of TV, in isolation, but Dr. Who — traditionally a brilliant, emotionally unavailable alien with a touch of Asperger’s and no discernible sex drive — is not supposed to fall in love with every chesty blonde-haired beauty who crosses his path. And while the finale had more of the dark emotional register I’ve missed as David Tennant’s Doctor has spent the season skipping merrily through the universe with Rose, did we really need Daleks and Cybermen and Rose’s alternate-universe father? Did we need Rose to weep rivulets of mascara down her face twice in the space of ten minutes? No, we did not.)

The reader who sent the Kennedy-Who rumor puts it much more succinctly:

The days of Tom Baker, they ain’t. A little corner of my cobwebby heart plays the Power of Krull on repeat, so I’ve decided that A.L. Kennedy could well save the British. (I don’t know what’s happened to them.)


Update: I emailed Kennedy to ask if there’s any truth to the rumor. “I do mention Dr. Who a bit in my show — and this has led to much murmuring,” she wrote back. “But I have no contact with the Who people. I would love to write an episode and say as much to people I meet on the street and all and sundry.”


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