Until soon


Have a good weekend, chickadees. I’ll be back on Monday, if not before. Meanwhile, did you know there’s a graveyard for the Gashlycrumb Tinies at Edward Gorey’s house? You can read more about the place — and the upcoming Dracula blood drive — at the Boston Globe. (Via Bondgirl; photo credit: Terry Ballard.)

Here at the broken record that is MaudNewton.com, I’ll remind you that some of Gorey’s best work is available online. Reading The Unstrung Harp, his send-up of writer’s block and other afflictions of the tortured wordsmith, in pixels doesn’t measure up to lingering over the pages, trying to keep from snorting your drink out your nose and marring the drawings, but it’s still an excellent antidote to writer drama of all kinds.


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