Remainders: booze, sex, death, etc. edition

  • Wine, not vodka, pervades Pushkin’s opus — where most histories of Russian literature begin. “This is not a fluke,” says Victor Sonkin. (Via Languor Management.)
  • Jonathan Yardley implies in a recent review that Raymond Carver’s characters are more “decent and likeable” than the author. But the Rake observes that very few of the people who populate Carver’s stories “seem to rise above ‘unpleasant,’ and the vast majority of them seem trapped in lives characterized by contemptible choices. (There are at least a couple major psychopaths there, too, including the guy who kills two girls with a rock in the last sentence of ‘Tell the Women We’re Going.’)”
  • Chris Lehmann to Jonathan Ames: “Do you think [Dashiell] Hammett grew to feel imprisoned by the detective genre, as Raymond Chandler famously did?”


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