Thursday evening jumble

Browse the full texts of Shakespeare’s 37 plays. Interpretations of Hamlet aren’t quite as universal as your high school English teacher made out. Bardcore: Radosh reviews A Midsummer Night’s Cream and other Shakespearean porn adaptations.

An American poet living in Vietnam seeks to revive a language banned by the French colonial government in 1920, or at least the classic literary works written in it. Literary Vietnam, Tom Bissell style.

Coetzee in Krakow. In praise of Hillary Mantel. DeLillo on Dylan. (Via.) Leonard Cohen will appear on Bookworm June 22.

Language, loss and metaphor. The Slavoj Zizek Master Class on Jacques Lacan. (Via.)

The University of Chicago acquires Saul Bellow’s uncollected papers. Bukowski’s archive will rest alongside the papers of Dickens and Chaucer.

Gary Shteyngart explains how he writes dialogue. (Via.) Sam Lipsyte praises Stanley Elkin’s The Living End. Niall Griffiths, author of the harrowing (and sometimes funny) Sheepshagger, on his latest novel. George Saunders: “more likely to make you laugh in public, if that’s where you’re reading his books, than any writer since P.G. Wodehouse.”

After rejection of the .xxx domain proposed by porn lovers, Jeff Johnson reviews other proposals, including “.wha,” for “scholars of Thomas Pynchon’s ‘V.'”

The Great Expectations audiobook, 19 hours long, takes 16 minutes, 30 seconds to download from the L.A. public library via broadband.

Happy Bloomsday (and Blogsday). The mad lit professor is putting finishing touches on a Bloomsday device. (Thanks, LM.)


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