News from the Dan Rhodes skyscraper

Dogmatika’s Susan Tomaselli talks with 3am Magazine this week. Her praise for Dan Rhodes — author of Timoleon Vieta Come Home, a small miracle in book form — sent me off to a mysterious site devoted to the author.

“There’s still no official news of a new book,” it informs readers. “We anticipate a dramatic announcement in the coming weeks, but then we’re always anticipating a dramatic announcement and nothing ever seems to happen.”

While we’re all biding our time, be sure to check out Rhodes’ book recommendations, including Candide’s Voltaire and Carson McCullers’ Ballad of the Sad Cafe. Magnus Mills’ The Restraint of Beasts is also suggested, with caveats:

This is one of Rhodes’ favourite novels, but the problem with recommending it is that it is published by HarperCollins — every right-thinking person’s least favourite publisher. Reluctant to encourage people to put even more money into Rupert Murdoch’s already over-stuffed pockets he suggests the following two-step method of buying the book. 1) Find a second hand copy going cheap, either in a conventional shop or on the Internet. 2) Send the author fifty pence through the post. This way readers will be supporting Mills without giving the living scrotum Rupert Murdoch a single bean.


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