Last Graham Greene interview

John R. MacArthur believes he was the last to interview Graham Greene, then 86, shortly before his death in April, 1991. He recounts Greene’s scathing take on American intervention in Panama and the Gulf War. And here’s Greene on politics in fiction:

“I don’t think one’s novels should be too political,” Greene said when I asked if his weren’t. “But, I mean, politics do come into them. Politics come into our lives. I think to exclude politics from a novel is excluding a whole aspect of life…. Virginia Woolf, I mean, certainly wouldn’t have introduced politics. I began to get a little tired of Virginia Woolf, you know. Mrs. Dalloway going shopping up Regent Street and the thoughts which went through her head. I reacted rather against her by being a storyteller. You see, my mother was a cousin of Robert Louis Stevenson, and I’d like to think that I’ve followed in his tradition. I’ve reacted against the Bloomsbury circle.”


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