Isolated, hated and playing with itself

If you watched Ghana knock the U.S. out of the World Cup today and are feeling isolated in your dejection, try Stephen Wells’ rant, complete with violent fantasies involving cricket bats.

And while we’re on the subject of pig-ignorant bigotry. In the suburban Barnes & Nobles that circle this city like book-bloated death stars, you’ll currently find “sports” tables packed with tomes about golf, baseball and American football. Plus — in the midst of the World Cup — just one book about soccer. It might be further noted that to get to one of these stores from anywhere remotely civilized on a Saturday morning, one drives past packed soccer field after packed soccer field. But, as the B&N employee told me, “soccer’s not very big around here.” So that’s all right then.

The London Review of Books‘ John Lanchester is spending a month on the sofa, blogging about the tournament.


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