The other life of Brooklyn’s oracle

Brooklyn’s Pintchik Oracle started dispensing advice at a Flatbush hardware store in 2003, but shut down due to inclement weather before anyone could confirm which Brooklyn novelist was behind it.

Now the oracle has returned to field questions, and Gaby Wood is still wondering whether Jonathan Safran Foer — who, in past years, would neither admit nor deny his involvement — is the borough soothsayer.

Judging from the press release issued with Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, his participation isn’t exactly a secret anymore.

Foer will be on national tour starting April 4. He continues to be involved in many unusual projects, from the Pintchik Oracle (see the New Yorker piece) to community art projects in Central Park (all involving people).

But the oracle broke its promise to “reach out to the famous Gabrielle by type,” leaving Wood “to assume, from its silence, that the oracle is profoundly publicity-shy. Or maybe it’s not; maybe it’s on a book tour.”

Or maybe it’s still trying to dig out the diarrhea under its fingernails.


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