Ticketmaster word-a-day calendar

Given the hell week unfolding at work, I haven’t expected to post, much less laugh, until at least Wednesday. But then I wasn’t counting on Heart on a Stick’s (Un)Official Ticketbastard Word-Verification- a-Day calendar.

“Oomiac” does get me through, but there aren’t any tickets. I keep trying, hoping for some kickbacks. More verification nonsense: Gabeler. Aliform. Extatic, and Extatic again. Pilpul, Smiddy, Grysbok, Adunc.


Well, crap, that’s a word. I hit the dictionary. Turns out a “gabeler” is a tax collector, “aliform” means “shaped like a wing,” and “extatic” is just an alternate spelling for “ecstatic.” A “pilpul” is a “penetrating investigation, disputation, and drawing of conclusions, esp. in Talmudic study.”

Clearly I have not gotten Guns n’ Roses tickets because my vocabulary is lacking.

(Via Number One Hit Song, where Dana has picked a name for our band.)


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