Thursday miscellany

  • Lance Mannion discusses the autobiographical novel Kurt Vonnegut considered writing about “how his mother, who committed suicide when Vonnegut was 22 and away from home being a soldier in World War II, was killed, in a way, by her father, Vonnegut’s grandfather.”
  • George Saunders hearts Beckett.
  • Paying $100 to see Joan Didion at The Paris Review Spring Revel.
  • Joy Press envisions a new fall pilot: American’s Next Literary Novelist. (“Unfortunately, several semifinalists have already been disqualified for plagiarizing their entries.”)
  • The Big Read aims to invigorate reading by sponsoring a reading competition in which communities vie for grants of up to $20,000.
  • Cody’s, a famed Berkeley bookstore, will close.
  • The National Book Critics Circle has a blog designed to let readers get to know the individual tastes of its members.


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