Soul-crushing obligations continue to — well, here’s proof — to crush my soul. But I’ll try to stop in later with some book news.

Meanwhile, I’m participating in an ongoing discussion at Arts Journal about the future of arts criticism in an Internet world. Other participants include Misha Berson (Seattle Times), Larry Blumenfeld (WSJ), Caryn Brooks (ASAP), Jeanne Carstensen (Salon), Anthony DeCurtis (Rolling Stone), Enrique Fernandez (Miami Herald), Tyler Green (Modern Art Notes), Joseph Horowitz (author/orchestra consultant), Chris Lavin (San Diego Union-Tribune), Ruth Lopez (Time Out Chicago), Claude Peck (The Star-Tribune), Inga Saffron (Philadelphia Inquirer), Andras Szanto (National Arts Journalism Program) , Terry Teachout (About Last Night), and Jerome Weeks (Dallas Morning News). Arts Journal editor Douglas McLennan is moderating.


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