Crews publishes new book, wisely avoids dull-ass people

Speaking of Harry Crews, The Gainesville Sun reports that An American Family: The Baby with the Curious Markings, Crews’ first work of fiction in eight years, appears this month.

The novella is put out by Blood & Guts Press, which also published Jim Thompson, James Elroy and Ray Bradbury, and the print run is 2,500 copies, with 300 “numbered, signed editions.” Copies will be shipped “to independent bookstores worldwide as orders come in.”

Though Graham is already getting interest for Crews to promote the book, Crews is not interested.

“I don’t want to go all over the (expletive) country. Talk to these dull-ass people who have absolutely no idea. They haven’t even read a (expletive) book. Man, it’s a waste of everybody’s time. It’s a waste of money, damn sure of that.”

Crews is also “halfway through another novel, methodically turning out 500 words a day, which he hopes to complete this summer.” (Thanks to Rusty Barnes of Night Train for the news; so far I can only find the book at Amazon.)


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