Check back Friday

Really sorry, guys, but it’s that kind of week. A few quick things to feed the RSS:

  • Left Behind Christian apocalypse novels spawn a bigoted video game.
  • Banville will pen a screenplay based on The Sea; he envisions Anthony Hopkins or Michael Gambon in the lead role.
  • A British county’s reading campaign involves “scatter[ing] 100 copies of a Jane Austen classic in public places across Hampshire.”
  • The author of The Graduate, from which the film of the same name was adapted, has signed a deal to write a sequel. (Previously: the author, having signed away film rights for a pittance, was having trouble making rent.)
  • Laila Lalami finds the world of Meg Mullins’ The Rug Merchant “engaging, but not fully rewarding.”
  • Voltaire’s letters to Catherine the Great fetch $750K, breaking the prior “world record for handwritten correspondence” from the period. Some of the letters are signed “the old hermit.”
  • Muriel Spark and new Dr. Who David Tennant donated items to an Edinburgh book sale.


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