Thursday afternoon jumble

William Gibson honks because he loves Borges. A.S. Byatt reviews the forthcoming Roth novel — excerpted here — and Schaub plots a break-in. (Can I come?) The Literary Saloon on Amos Oz‘s How to Cure a Fanatic.

Matt Cheney will edit a new Best American Fantasy series. Noir, Walter Mosley style. Viva Lingua Franca. Reviewers’ misreadings.

Sarah Hepola shuts down her blog to write a novel. Conde Nast seeks pretty, young author as cover model, literary ability irrelevant. (Via.) Charles Frazier to deliver $8m follow-up to Cold Mountain. The Frustrated Amateur Writers Network teaches you to look between the lines.

Bat Segundo interviews Tom Tomorrow. Minnesota Public Radio talks with Richard Hell. Jordan Davis blogs at Bookslut.

Moleskines to become even more ridiculously overpriced? (But see “Egad! Get your molies while you can!”)

Famous Russian bookstore closes, books tossed in Gaithersburg parking lot. Gone pecan: a Cajun expression.


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