The print-to-web tease

I’ve enjoyed Saïd Sayrafiezadeh’s nonfiction at Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood free-of-charge since 2001.

So when, after reading the first two paragraphs of his new short story, Most Livable City, at the Paris Review site, I came to this instruction: “To read the rest of Saïd Sayrafiezadeh’s story, click the link below” — I clicked. And, yes, I shelled out $15.21 for the current issue. Even though I only wanted the one story.

I thought I’d get access right then. I returned to the story and reloaded, to no avail. Then I clicked back and forth, looking for a user name, a password, a trap door…. Instead, I received an email notification that my purchase will be “shipped out within the next few days and should arrive in one to two weeks, depending on the ship method selected.”

Did I mention that the story excerpt ended with this sentence?

I often wondered if I was imagining Ted’s advances, but all ambiguity was put to rest when, at the end of a sixteenpage letter about E.T. — particularly the scene in which the alien presses his throbbing finger against the young boy — my boss signed off, “My cock feels full with the thought of you in my heart.”

One to two weeks, Paris Review? [Blue balls crack goes here.]


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