The Graduate author can’t make rent

Charles Webb, the 66-year-old author of the book that inspired The Graduate, faces eviction from his East Sussex apartment because he can’t pay the rent.

According to the BBC, Webb received “a one-off payment of £14,000 for the novel, while the film made £60m.” The book was based on his relationship with the same partner he’s been caring for since she suffered a nervous breakdown five years ago.

Says the Rockslinga:

There are many lessons to glean from this sad, sad tale, but the two majors ones are:

1. One-off payments are a very bad idea.

2. Never marry people who have nervous breakdowns, especially if you’re a writer. You’re the one supposed to be having the breakdowns.

Dustin Hoffman should send the £1,600 to the guy, pronto. I mean, who the fuck would Hoffman be today without him?

You can hear Webb talking about his out-of-print novel, also called The Graduate, in an All Things Considered interview recorded in 1976.


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