Pierpont Morgan campout

The Pierpont Morgan Library, home to a vast literary collection including Mary Shelley’s annotated Frankenstein, has been closed for renovation and expansion the whole time I’ve known of its existence. It reopens, finally, on April 29.

My friend E. has been following the news of the reopening. And we’ve been exchanging rapturous email about it. “The only surviving Paradise Lost mss with Milton’s own dictated notations?” she said yesterday. “Swoon.”

The collection is incentive enough, but this architectural profile of Renzo Piano’s “dazzling expansion” has me ready to camp out* until the doors open.

* Okay, not really. But I once slept out for Jimmy Buffett tickets. Compared to lying on cold concrete amidst of a group of singing “Parrotheads,” camping out for Milton, Dickens, and Shelley seems rational.


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